Shabnam Parvareshs works deliver a powerful, yet subtle, insight into the mindset of an independent woman stuck in a society worn out from decades of ideological tugging war and its devastating consequences concerning freedom of expression, agility, and reflection. While often exposed to governmental censorship, painting can bring relief under these grief conditions offering a pressure outlet in a society. Shabnam's paintings are like music on canvas, with this one, slight difference being - they are not over after 2,5 minutes. This comparison might sound strange, if it wasn't for the fact, that Shabnam is a musician too, a clarinetist. Felt rhythms, heard and unheard songs and sounds, textures touched and smelled, feelings that spring, listen, live, thrive, explode and in the end improvise their position within the discourse of reality, a reality experienced with all the senses. A reality that oftentimes proved tough in Iran, a reality of censored words, images, beliefs, and lifestyles. Silent on the surface, hurricanes on the inside, the canvas turned into a medium, strong as a whisper, heard with eyes. (Natalia Mateo)


"I always express my creative energy through two different channels. One being music and other being painting, but maybe they are not so different after all... In my paintings, I try to visualize the sounds that I hear and to materialize them on the canvas. The rhythms that I imagine provide the compositions on which I improvise. In my home Iran, sometimes painting was the only way to express my feelings silently on the outside, but very loudly on the inside..."




• 8.01.2022  Projektion auf den Osnabrücker Dom 2021
im Rahmen der Reihe (un)sichtbar - Bilder aus Licht auf den Osnabrücker Dom

Windows Dawn, Micro Narratives Collection, 2020


• Solo Exhibition "Micro Narratives", Osnabrück 2021 

24 Tage – 24 Werke, Diözesanmuseum und Domschatz Osnabrück, 13.12.2021



Passed Exhibitions


• Group Exhibition CONCEPT ME, Dubai / U.A.E, 2016

• Exhibition with Painting association painters in the House of Artists-Tehran.  2011

• Exhibition with Painting association painters in the House of Artists-Tehran.  2010 

• 100 painter 100 paintings exhibition Golestan Gallery-Tehran. 2008

• Tehran painting Biennale-Tehran. 2007

• Group painting exhibition in Parvin Gallery -Rasht. 2006

• Group painting exhibition Laleh Gallery - Tehran. 2006

• Group painting exhibition Laleh Gallery -Tehran. 2005

• Group painting exhibition in Shabda Gallery-Tehran. 2003