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All photos by ©Liudmila Jeremies

Iranian clarinetist and painter Shabnam Parvaresh was born in Tehran. She started her musical career as a clarinetist playing in the Tehran Symphony Orchestra and the National Traditional Orchestra. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Painting while pursuing a career as an artist and musician in Tehran. In 2014, she moved to Germany where she continues her studies in Jazz Clarinet in the Institute für Musik, Osnabrück. In Germany, she performed with Grammy Award Winner Kinan Azmeh at the Morgenland Festival Osnbarück and played in different bands and ensembles. In 2018 she won the Studyup Award Jazz with the Lukas Schwegmann Quintet. In 2020 she won the Zonta Music Price for Jazz Clarinet. In 2019 she found her new project Sheen Trio

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